• Rugged and splash-proof in design

    Our unique design can withstand your active lifestyle. All the ports have covers that seal to protect from moisture and dust, and the rugged design can handle your journey for years.

  • Off grid power has never been so easy

    The Expion360 Power Pack is so powerful, yet so small and portable, you can take it with you anywhere. Enjoy power on the go for camping, traveling, and more!

  • Emergency power when disaster strikes

    You never know when power failure can happen, so it's best to be prepared. With the Expion360 Power Bank, you can count on hours of battery backup power for your devices.

EXPION360 Power Bank

The most powerful portable battery bank, You'll never need anything else.

The EXPION360 Power Bank offers more portable power for its size than other devices on the market today for CPAP use. Imagine using your computer, charging your tablet, charging your smartphone, powering your sleep apnea machine,  communications equipment, ham radios, charging your drone, charging cameras, anywhere! In fact, the EXPION360 power bank has a cigarette lighter style 12v power port and can power just about anything with a 12v male power plug.  

The EXPION360 Power Bank features fast charging USB (2A), and the 12v output is rated at 15A, which is over twice the power rating of most of our competitors! This means that the EXPION Power Bank can handle even your most power hungry devices.

CPAP Power Anywhere



Take your therapy to the next level of preparedness! Whether there is a power loss or you just need to get off the grid while you travel, EXPION360 has your back! The EXP Pro Series Battery Bank is a lightweight, portable battery system designed to work with most CPAP machines and other devices. The battery system weighs in at only 1.85 pounds and provides a restful 2-3 night’s sleep on a single charge.

The EXP-PRO Series Battery Bank

The EXP Pro (EV-38C) CPAP Battery Bank from EXPION360 is a Lithium Polymer battery system built upon the best design in the industry were quality meets value! The EXP Pro is sleek in design and offers functional features such as 3 built-in USB ports, a high discharge rate power port capable of 15 amps, multiple ways to recharge (AC/DC/Solar) and ruggedly built to handle the journey for years.

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